Will The Fitbug Orb Activity Tracker Work for You?

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Fitbug Orb Fitness Tracker Review

We all have our reasons for wanting to get fitter, lead a healthy lifestyle or even have a desire to lose weight. However one of the most difficult aspects of implementing a lifestyle change is the commitment needed to follow a program with the due care that is often needed to achieve real results. Fitbug could be the answer to your problem and be able to assist you in your quest for a leaner, healthier lifestyle. One of the leading activity trackers available on the Internet, the new FitBug Orb  has certainly raised an enormous amount of interest with it’s cutting edge approach to helping you attain your goals. For advice on how to use a fitness tracker also known as an activity tracker and to buy the Fitbug Tracker online please read on.

What is the Fitbug Orb

The FitBug Orb is a button sized activity tracker, small enough to wear like a watch or clip on to your  underwear. (Fitness trackers and Activity trackers are now a Billion dollar industry set to double in the next year). It monitors your activity  and sleep stats and then uploads them directly to your personal account with Fitbug. Once you have bought your Fitbug online you are then in the program, the FitbugOrb Coach  will analyse your levels of activity, your calorie consumption , even your sleeping patterns, and set small increasing targets for you to achieve,  leading to a healthier lifestyle. You can look at how you are progressing in real time and FitBug can offer advice, encouragement, recipes and general chit chat all designed to help you achieve your goals. It is like having a personal trainer but at a fraction of the cost.

Who is the FitbugOrb Activity Tracker suitable for?

The FitbugOrb Activity Tracker is suitable for anyone looking to improve their lifestyle, get fitter, lose weight and keep the weight off. It is especially effective for anyone who would appreciate some handholding and guidance as they progress through their fitness regime. By setting “small but significant targets” and offering advice and encouragement the online coaching really can help with your determination to suceed.

Most activity trackers can be used for swimming,cycling,zumba,  even weight lifting. They are there to serve the same purpose and that is measure activity. This is one of the best gadgets on the market today and we think offers a really cheap deal for the fantastic service it offers.

It is also aimed at employers. Through Fitbug, employers can help energize their employees, encourage teamwork and help prevent illness and absenteeism with the proven personalized programs, challenges, activity tracking and social media tools.

What Do Real People Say About Fitbug Orb Activity Tracker?

The best way to assess a product’s value is by looking at the feedback given by those who have had experience with using it. We have sourced the following comments which refer to the Fitbug system. (Gathered from Fitbug.com)

Chris McNamara  Weight loss Pennsylvania, USA,                                                     Chris  MCNAMARA has shifted the pounds, pushed herself to do core exercises, is making healthier decisions and is more confident than ever  “Don’t diet; make Fitbug, healthy eating, and exercise a lifestyle.”

David Walker Fitness  West Drayton, UK                                                                    David Walker felt so inspired by Fitbug that he signed up for the London Marathon. “They do say that every journey starts with just one step. I would encourage anyone to take that step with Fitbug”

Diana Gasior  Weight loss   Chicago, USA                                                               Diana Gasior is happier, has lost weight and her health has improved in general. Oh and she feels fully in charge of her health. “Think of it as your own little healthy buddy to remind you of how a few extra steps can lead to a longer, happier life!”


What Are Employers Saying About Fitbug Activity Tracker

Oxera logo

Human Resources Executive, Oxera

“We introduced Fitbug to encourage our staff to think more about their health and well-being. The participation was much higher than anticipated – not only did it promote walking among employees (and their families), but also improved communication and team spirit throughout the office. This has continued even after the competition finished.”


Does It Really Work?

The decision to make a positive lifestyle change, whether it is to get fitter, lose weight or pursue a more holistic lifestyle comes with the necessary commitment from each individual to stay with the regime they have chosen. Fitbug’s philosophy of taking small steps to begin with is really just common sense. However, testimonies from satisfied users do agree that this is an approach they have found that works for them. The regular feedback and positive suggestions do seem to offer the encouragement some people require to stay with their program. Many users have found it to be “fun to use” and quite “pleasantly addictive”. It seems to be an approach which is not too pushy or demanding. It really does “connect” with each individual user . Already this phenonmenon has lead to “Fitbug communities” springing up, with people sharing their experiences online. so, if you are serious about adopting a healthier lifestyle then Fitbug says:-

Get your Bug and move – view your progress online – get on track


If it’s time to change your lifestyle Click Here to Buy Your FitbugOrb From The Safe, Official Website


What are the origins of Fitbug

Fitbug is an “activity tracker based” online health and wellness platform founded in 2005. The company’s philosophy is all about activity. It believes that encouraging more activity will lead to better health and well being. It’s phenomenonly successful product has spread across the globe, boasting customers in USA, UK, France, Germany, Benelux, Israel and South Africa. It has company offices in London and Chicago. The FitbugOrb is the latest product to emerge from the organisation and will be available early 2013.


Important Information – Please Read

We think that Fitbug have developed a range of products of the highest quality and would like to add our support to their ongoing success.

However, we are aware that there may be “bogus”  copies for sale on the Internet that do not meet the qualities demanded by Fitbug.

We therefore recommend that you buy ONLY from their official website.

This can be accessed through the various “links” we show within this site.

Click here to access Fitbug’s Official Website.

MyFitnessPal To Add Fitbug To Portfolio

MyFitnessPal, one of the leading Fitness websites has added the Fitbug Fitness Tracker to it’s portfolio. MyFitnessPal, which specialises in calorie counting as a means to losing weight as part of your fitness regime will use the Fitbug Air pedometer to measure calorie intake as well as activity. Fitbug’s interactive coaching team can then give you guidence to reduce your calorie intake as well as assign small but significant tasks to burn them up.

MyFitnessPal are also hoping to use the Fitbug WoW Wi Fi weighing scales (For more info check further down this blog).

Recently, Fitbug’s new FitbugOrb stormed into T3 websites “Hottest Top10 Gadgets”  list.

FitBug Orb in T3 Hottest Gadgets Top10

Fitbug Orb in T3 Top10

The New Fitbug Orb is already turning heads in the extremely competitive gadget market.

T3, one of the internets leading gadget websites has included the FitbugOrb in it’s top 10 “Hottest Gadgets” to own. (click here for top10)

This life changing activity tracker is proving itself to be the go to gadget for weight loss and lifestyle improvement.

Check out the Fitbug website’s range of products here. CLICK HERE

Weigh yourself with Fitbug Wow

Fitbug Wow Scales Review

The sleek and contemporay Fitbug Wow scales can measure and upload your weight via bluetooth technology directly to your fitness profile app. The app is available for downloading from the store.
However, two points to make, you can use the scales to measure your weight to the Fitbug app but you need a Fitbug membership to upload your data wirelessly to the Fitbug app. Also the scales need 3AAA batteries which are included in the purchase price.

We think it’s an essential piece of equipment to have if you are a Fitbug member as your weight will be an important factor in measuring your progress. It will connect to iPad Mini,iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad (3rd and 4th generation),  and more devices soon.

To buy Fitbug Wow Scales online click the link below.

Cost      £69.99   Click on price for more information

$79.99   Click on price for more information

Fitbug features on ABC7 News

ABC7 News presenter, Jennifer Rumple is featured here as a believer in the Fitbug method of losing weight. Jennifer has had a lifelong struggle with controlling her weight. However, this courageous young lady was so determined to lose weight she entered “The Biggest Loser”, a reality weight loss show. Not only did she lose weight, she was the outright winner, shedding 44% of her bodyweight . Now  she uses Fitbug as one of the methods to keep her fit and healthy.                                                        Click here  for the full story.

Employers -The Value of Fitbug

All employers recognise that their employees are often the largest overhead their business carries.                                                                                                           One of the biggest drains on a business is the absenteeism of the staff through illness.  It is accepted that most illnesses are preventable yet the ability to live healthily seems to be beyond so many people. In fact more than 50% of the cost of healthcare stems from preventable conditions.

But what if it was possible to provide professional guidance, the sort of wellness plan that would motivate your employees to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. A lifestyle where they became healthier, happier and ultimately “more productive”.  More employees less prone to illness and absenteeism is a win/win situation for everyone.

At Fitbug, there are a range of solutions which can be customized to your organisation and dedicated to energizing your employees.Through these proven personalized programs Fitbug can make wellness fun, encouraging behaviour changes which will lead to more vitality, better health and productivity.                                                     Fitbug recommends its motivational challenges which are easy to use and build teamwork and fraternity among employees and employers. These can be used to award and incentivize your staff. All of these activities are easily trackable making it a fun process also.

Employees said…


“The summer walking challenge was really cool. As well as getting me moving, I “met” lots of new work colleagues from other offices which helped me do my job better.”


“I have lost over 20 lbs and have BMI of about 25. My blood pressure is now 110/70 and my cholesterol level is back below five. Thank you Fitbug.”

Employers said……

Oxera……. improved communication and team spirit

BP……..Fitbug has helped foster a one team philosophy through a common interest in health and fitness

Fitbug offers

Support with everything from program launch with a full calendar program to keep everyone actively engaged. It also offers customer service and account management.

For your Employer Solution CLICK HERE

Package Details

Premium Plan – Includes your FitBugOrb and 12 months premium coaching – (Best value in our opinion)

Flexi Plan  - Includes your FitBugOrb and “first month” of coaching –

(More flexible option)

Price of Plans           Premium                Flexi

USA                           $49.99                     $24.99 (followed by $3.99 per month)

UK                             £44.99                      £19.99 (followed by £2.99 per month)

The Fitbug Orb works with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, the new iPad and other devices soon.

Order your Fitbug Orb  By Clicking Here